Alright. I'm going to go on record and call shenanigans on shakespeare getting around the hags' warnings against interference by a man "not of woman born" by saying macduff's mom had a Caesarean section.
Bullshit, shakespeare! No! Not anymore, Bard-o!

Also! The Mandolin Slicer kit, as advertised, is a ridiculous deal. You can tell this because it has many animations and a real, actual chef with a red scarf who is pleasantly ethnic (bushy mustache, light brooklyn italian accent). Because its too good to be true, it must be. I'll bet they'll charge you a fee that you don't catch on your bill and it slowly leeches three hundred and twenty dollars from you. Who's your pal now? Chef Sumfuckinguy? He doesn't know you from Adam and besides "Fuck you, guy!"

In North Carolina, time is measured by the tides. I saw it in a commercial so it must be true. This means that inland (and a large portion of the state is) people, who have undoubtedly been deprived of access to clocks, as it is against their religion, will only know the time by a rough approximation unless they make a pilgrimage to the shore to consult the tides. And that information couldn't be conveyed across long distances without losing accuracy. But by God, they tell the time by the tides!!