its the holidays and im home. sometimes i think i want to be back here. sometimes im here and i wonder why i ever would have thought that. today i am not sure what i think. its a spend the day in my room in my pajamas day. its a "the internet is an addiction" day. normally i dont buy into such views. i was going to update my drawing blog every day, but i didnt. i would do better if i had a scanner. im not feeling it..




Within the logical bearings of the universe there exist two rational conclusions: that within which there is a loving and caring god and that within which we are the shit that falls faster to the bottom of the toilet bowl ande clings resiliently to the porcelain to be unseated only by the keen eye and heavy hand of the janitor that is mortality. the choice is yours because no one can make a reasoned decision in isolation of the necessary facts. that said, i have decided that the shit at the bottom is only there because it chooses not to make better of itself. i am an advertising repreentative and the things that i do in my free time make up the difference of my life expectancy and the time i spend grooming myself. to sell a product, you have to be convinced of its worth or convinced of the worth of selling it, monetarily. in terms of my latest venture, i am neither. nevertheless, my job pays the bils and my gambling prevents my job from doing such.

i am currently pitching a hands-free radio that changes frequencies in relation to the nuber of times a person sighs heavily. the beta testing is going remarkably well and all of the software bugs have been worked out, but we have, as of yet, no potential client. fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck ufckufkcfukc shit fuck fshit shit shit shit swhit fuckshit fuckshit fusckshit as as ass ass ass ass ass bals balls shit fuck shit balls ass cunt shit ass balls cunt shit ass balls cunt shit fuck ass balls cunt